Vince Ackerman

Here are some famous trivias from "THe Lyosacks".

Alec's TriviasEdit

  • Alec owns a pistol to protect himself if the Morretinis found him. it was comfirmed that the pistol was a colt m1911.
  • Alec's shirt has represented his life. A black shirt represents his closed personality and mysterious attitude, while his red shirt represents his new life, much more social and opened. Before Mafia Wars he always had a black hoodie, but after his brother asks him to move on he begins wearing a red shirt. In Time Trouble, future alec has a half black/red shirt, which represents how he didn't completely moved on.

Vince's TriviaEdit

  • He has a crush on Ozzy Larazarus
  • Vince has alot of addiction on watching TV 
  • He doesn´t want anyone to get involved with his sister Emmy . When Ray does so, he even tries to kill him.
  • Vince is the only main character that wears the same wardrobe since the first episode. Ray and Alec changed wardrobes after Mafia Wars, which represents how they moved on with their lives. This directly connect with Vince, who isn't ready to grow up.

Ray's TriviaEdit

  • Ray begins wearing "The Ozzy's" shirt after his blue hoodie gets burned in Mafia Wars. This represents how he barely moves on, but since the shirt reminds him of the past he's not completely ready to let the past go.
  • His alternate future is of a public school teacher as seen in Time Trouble. Who knows what his real future will be like.
  • The important people that surrounds Ray create some interesting anagrams. With Alec and Vince it forms "ALVARO", which is the creator of the series (Alec Lynch, Vince Ackerman, Ray Osbourne).
  • With his two old friends and two girlfriends it forms "OLEANDER", which is the last name of the voice actor (Ozzy Larzarus, Emmy Ackerman, Ned Drake, Edd Ryder).

Ozzy's TriviaEdit

  • Ozzy can be seen in a lot of episodes before her first introduction. Her character was planned since 2010, but was introduced in 2013. She can be seen in Tommy Robot vs The Robo-Yequils and Time Trouble 1.
  • If she marries Ray, she would be called Ozzy Osbourne, like the famous musician.
  • Her eyes are orange. She's the only character in the series that escapes the brown/green/blue eye color palet.
  • She begins to like Vince after Triple Date.