The Truth is the episode 7 of the Lyosacks and it show the showdown between the Morrentinis and the Schultz.

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Ray Osbourne visit Emmy Ackerman to scoop information about Alec Lynch in her house. Ray revealed that he come from Germany and he has two elder brothers which had cut ties. When he mention the word 'Morrentini', a secret passage had been opened which prompted Ray and Emmy to investigate which reveal a secret hideout.

After Ray spoke the right password, it shows a video his father telling the Morenttinis about Alec's location before shooting out of the camera. This shocked Ray since his father had disappeared for a long time. Meanwhile, the Morrentinis had broke into the house and knock out Mr Ackerman. Ray and Emmy hides from the Morrentinis while they are investigating what happened to Ryan. However, they are discovered by Boris and Mr Morrentini greet Ray as Ryan’s son. Ray later taunt them about Alec left the town but Alec still relaxing in his couch. Vince informed Alec about the Morrentinis outside and Alec prepared their arrival with his hidden weapon.

Alec ambushed Boris and Nikolai under the coach and have an intense fight. Meanwhile, Pizza Guy drive normally until he spotted the Morrentinis and stop. Alec escaped with Pizza Guy after landing on his pizza delivery truck. Don Morrentini decides that Nikolai would deal with the hostages while the remaining chased Alec.

While Nikolai drive down to the lake recommended by his boss, Ray complained about his life and how Emmy is attracted to Alec that easily, Emmy rebuttal by saying that she will make Alec love her no matter what. Ray then replied with his attempt to confess but fail before Nikolai drive down to the lake. Meanwhile, Alec escaped with Pizza Guy and realised that he is middle brother, Andrew Schultz, they both gladly reunited before an interruption by the Morrentinis which lead to a battle. At the same time, Ray want to confess about he thought when he first met her but interrupted when they found a gun nearby to break the lock and got out of the car that is heading for the lake. At the brother side, they had intense fight against the Morrentinis and Alec asked that the weapons in the car, Andrew replied that they no need weapons and prefer to be still call Pizza Guy. All three mobster got their face covered with pizza and the brothers got out. Closing to the day Emmy asked Ray the confession he wanted to said, but he lied to her by saying 'spider in her clothes' which left her confused while they are walking back. In the end, Don Morrentini shouted that he will be back.

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  • Vince mentioned Tuff Puppy reference and other cartoon references as well.

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THE TRUTH - The Lyosacks Ep

THE TRUTH - The Lyosacks Ep. 7