The Schultz were a rich and powerful German family, its members being Mr Schultz, Albert, Andrew and Alec. The Schultz family are a main plot point of the Mafia Wars storyline.


The Schultz were a very powerful family in Germany. Mr. Schultz was commissioned by Don Morettini to create and mass-produce a powerful nuclear bomb that was capable of destroying entire cities. In order to stop the Morettinis, Mr Schultz stole the bomb from the Morettinis and hid it from them in a remote facility in the Arctic Circle. This however, sparked a war with the Morettinis. While at their home in Germany, their butler, Ryan Osbourne, betrayed them and brought the Morettinis to them. When Mr Schultz realised they were being attacked, he told his sons to leave the country and change their names. Before he left he gave Alec his signutare keyboard, that he would later use with the rest of the Lyosacks. He also gave Albert the coordinates to the facility in the Arctic where the bomb was being kept, telling Albert to leave. Mr. Schultz proceeded to blow up the house with himself, giving his life to protect his family and the bomb.

After the houseEdit

Afterwards, the boys parted ways with each other. Albert, not having the money to get to the facility, joined a legion of bounty hunters, named 'The Brotherhood'. Andrew became a pizza delivery guy, Alec travelled the world for a while before meeting Ray Osbourne and Vince Ackerman, eventually forming the band the Lyosacks.

The Morettinis ReturnEdit

One year after Alec met The Lyosacks (or seven years after the attack), the Morettinis had returned to kill Alec. Ray found a secret bunker underneath the Ackerman's house that had a video message for the Morettinis from Ryan Osbourne (apparently activating a signal that conduced them to that house), telling them where Alec was. As soon as he found out they were here, Alec fought his way out onto Andrew's pizza delivery truck. They then drove away until they reached a gas station in the desert.

In the desert, they discover they´re brothers, since the physical appearances of both were very different the last time they saw each other. The Morettinis eventually get to them, trying to kill them. At first it doesn´t make sense, since they think one of them might know where the bomb is, so they wouldn´t try to kill them. It somehow seems the Morettinis were only looking for there cellphones (as seen in Time Trouble) because they know Albert is the one that has the coordinate. Who told them? Who knows...

Anyways, after a short battle, Alec defeats the Morettinis and runs away with his brother. But the Morettinis are far from gone, even at this point.