The Ozzys were a rock band and were introduced in the Battle of the Bands Trilogy. It was led by Ozzy Larzarus until the group disbanded after the lost the competition and were given the award and unwilling to accept it. Ned Drake was the Pianist. Edd Ryder was the drummer.

History Edit

The Ozzys first started prior to the events of the series. They were a highschool rock band that were so good that they were allowed to play at a Bar every Tuesday night and had to leave school because of it. Ray had left the band because of his father and the band managed to become very successful and popular as the years went on.

Battle of the Bands Edit

During the Battle of the Bands, The Ozzys appear as the main antagonists of the trilogy. They are the competition of The Lyosacks and Ozzy was willing to go as far as breaking the band up which backfired and costed them the tournament. Although Vince gave them the award, Ned and Edd were unwilling to accept the award and thus quite the band leaving Ozzy alone once more. While Ozzy joined the Lyosacks, the status of her former bandmates is unknown.

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Ozzys had their own shirts made for each other and fans. Ray has one of them and wears it in Season 2.
    • The shirt reminds Ray of how he's still unwilling to let go of the past despite moving on.
  • Ray Osbourne was once a member of the band and started out there as his first band. He learned how to become a professional drummer and became the Lyosack's fist de facto member of the band.