It is a new series that Alvaro Calmet had made during the Movie of the Century series that follows a rock band to glory. Instead we see all the cool adventures for the Lyosacks friends leading up to the end The Lyosacks Movie. The Lyosacks is also a YouTube Channel as well so the data is includel.

History Edit

Alvaro had made several animations series before the Lyosacks with his recent, The Movie of the Century. His latest animation series faces several problems like audio problems and copyrights problems with the characters and music. He decided to create a new series with a basic character to think about, he asked Burny and James to be voice actor at the Lyosacks. They helped Alvaro many things to improve the videos as well.

Cast Edit

Alvaro Calmet Edit

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Animator
  • Musician
  • Voice of Alec Lynch
  • Voice of Takeo Masaki
  • Voices for other Charcters

Julian Dorra (Burny O'leander) Edit

  • Voice of Ray Osbourne
  • Voice of Dr Edward Richtofen
  • Voices for other Characters

James Smith Edit

Joao Rafeal

Benny Botros

  • Voice of Pizza Guy
  • Voice of Tank Dempsey
  • Voices for other Characters

Emmy Mack

  • Voice of Emmy Ackerman
  • Voices for other Characters

Videos Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • Slenderman
  • Battle of the Bands 1
  • Battle of the Bands 2
  • Battle of the Bands 3
  • The Abduction
  • Normal Day
  • Triple Date

Season 3 Edit

  • The Return 1
  • The Return 2
  • The Return 3
  • The Closure
  • Creepypastas
  • Fugitives