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Ryan Osbourne is a character in The Lyosacks and is the father of Ray Osbourne. His second appearance was the episode called "The Truth" but that was 1 fraction of his life, his son Ray Osbourne told his friends the entire story during the first segment of Battle of The Bands.

He made another appearence on Mafia Wars 3 before the capture of Alec. His [possible] final appearance was at the final scene of Mafia Wars after the defeat of Don Morettinni. As a result of his death, the missles were automated to launch. Two gates needed to be closed, which meant that two people needed to close them. Thus, Albert (The oldest brother of the Schultz family) and Ryan volunteered. Tommy could help one person escape, he was going to save Ryan but Ryan drew out a gun, forcing Albert to be saved.


Ryan Osbourne was the father of Ray Osbourne . He married an Unknown Woman before joining the Morettinni Gang. During his Job as a Bellhopper / Waiter he opened the doors to the house to kill the Schultz Family.Unfortunately he only killed the Father The Children were also the target for the bomb. His son decided to rent a room at Mr.Gonzalez's Hair Cut. Before Ray and Vince Met Alec we see him at the start of the The New Member Episode. On the episode called "The Truth" it was Revealed. During the Mafia War's 3rd and 4th Segment he was injured from the rocket he launched to kill Alec but realized his son was about to get killed by the rocket he launched after realizing. He was under medication during the 4th segment and he made a Sacrifice with Alec's older Brother, Albert. His fate is known by the Rockets that destroyed the Morettini and Yaquil building along with Albert and him.


He is seen in the first episode, as when Mr Gonzalez is cutting a man's hair, distracted by the noise, the man is revealed to be Ryan.He was waiting for Alec in the barbershop.after the barber screwed him up,he moved into the house next to the shop.Soon enough the barber called the cops and Ryan had to move out.He then rejoined the Morettinnis.

Last Episode Edit

He was last seen in mafia wars 4 when he said he could help from the world being destroyed and sacrifices his life.

As be Seen as appearance in Creepypasta Episode what shows how Ray as be seen Attacked by the Slenderman