Mr Gonzales is a minor character in the Lyosacks and dislike them for playing music because it interfered his sleep and haircut business, he also hates them for not paying the rent.

History Edit

Mr Gonzales was originally a barber in Mexico and cut hair for anyone. 15 years ago since the Lyosacks, he cut one of the customers hair as usual. After the haircut, he realised the tourist have left her map and returned it to her. Soon they starts a relationship, the woman is named Ann Yequil. However, she later have to leave Mexico soon but she decided to stay with Mr Gonzales. While she went shopping, Mr Gonzales found her missing and looking for her, Tommy Robot later grabbed Mr Gonzales to find Ann but interrupted by Robo Yequil No 1. He dropped on top the truck that Ann is on and have amnesia about his encounter with Ann. Later, two meet together and build the neighbourhood that is on sale. Before the events of the Lyosacks, he allowed Ray to rent one of his rooms and soon Vince join them. He soon found them annoying for not paying the rent and making a ruckus. He had lost a lot of hair since