Emmy Ackerman is the daughter of Mr. Ackerman and is Vince's younger sister. She is first seen in "The Ackermans" episode, as well as his father. She comes from Canada, but her story is as much a mystery as Vince´s. Emmy is voiced by Emmy Mack. Her YouTube channel is emmyblogs.


Emmy Ackerman´s Picture

The Ackerman'sEdit

On December 1st, Emmy and her dad came to visit Vince, Mr. Ackerman taking Vince out fishing while Emmy was left at the barber shop. Emmy took a liking to Alec and ignored Ray when he tried to do anything, eventually ordering him to find out everything about Alec.

The TruthEdit

After a few days, Ray comes to the Ackermans house to tell Emmy what he discovered about Alec. After saying Morettini, a door was opened to reveal a secret basement that ray called "the bat cave", Ray's father, had used to spy on Alec.The Morettinis soon came and captured Ray and Emmy, throwing them into a cage and having them driven to the nearby lake. After a somewhat conversation about their relationships, the two escape from the car and walk home.

First DeathEdit

In Time Trouble, the Ackermans decide to move back to Canada.Unfortuanately, the Morettinis planted a bomb on their plane flying them back, killing all the Ackermans.Their deaths would be averted later on when Future Alec and Future Ray travelled back through time to when the Morettinis first found Alec. Ray ended up having to go kill Don Morettini while Alec saved Ray and Emmy, conveintly setting the two up on a date with each other.

Relationship with RayEdit

After the two's date in The Code, Emmy starts going out with Ray, caring for him very much. In the Mafia Wars Saga, however, she does get worried about Ray when he must fight the Morettinis, with Ray even saying he will do anything to protect her. In Slenderman Movie the two share their first kiss. At the end of triple date, Ray says that he loves her, shocking Emmy and reminding her of her past. Emmy explains in "Closure" that if she loved again, it would make her feel weak because of her mother's death and her father's sickness, but Mr. Ackerman tells her that it's okay to love someone. After the death of her father, she listens to him. She asks Vince and Ozzy to come with her to find Ray because she needs to tell him something.