Don Morettini is the main antagonist of the Mafia Wars Trilogy and is the main antagonist of the Season One finale and the first half of Season 2. He's the leader of The Morettinis and seeks to dominate the world.

History Edit

Pre-Lyosacks Edit

He was miner in the Canadian Gold Mine before he becomes a head of mafia and had a granddaughter, Janice Morettini who is friends with Emmy and Vince Ackerman. He is one of the victims happened at the gold mine when a miner accidentally triggered a mysterious bomb. Later, he grabbed the bomb and attempted to use it for global domination for some reason (it will be explained at The Lyosacks Movie). Mr Schultz contact Mr Morettini for the production of the bomb which he want to use for something else instead of global domination. Without a mutual agreement, he took the bomb and started a war between the Schultz and the Morettinis. Later, the waiter who is a spy for Morettinis lower the defense of the house and lead an assault on the house of the Schultz. Unfortunately, Mr Schultz attempted murder-suicide and his sons escaped the fire. All they know is that one of the sons had the location of the bomb and he sent spies to locate all three sons.

First Season Edit

Don Morretini first appears in the episode The Truth, where he's hunting down the last remains of the Schultz and has found the home of Alec Lynch. He sends in his mobsters to deal with him and is soon locked in a manhunt as he confronts Alec only to be teleported to the Arctic. He's seen again in the Time Trouble where he has detonated the plane of the Ackerman Family killing all of them on board and has taken over the world 20 years later. The timeline is altered and that doesn't happen however he still attempts to conquer the world.

Mafia Wars Edit

Don Morretini appears again in Mafia Wars as the main antagonist of the trilogy. He manages to survive the polar bear attack and has now located the bomb that he needed. Forming an alliance with Evil Dr. Yequil he manages to start mass production of the bomb and uses it against the Main Town to show off its power. When Yequil finds out his mother was nearly killed in the explosion he breaks off their alliance causing Don Morretini to shut down his Robo-Yequil army. He is (accidentally) shot by Vince and dies and Ryan Osbourne and Albert Schultz stay back to stop the bombs from launching, saving the world. Albert escapes but Ryan dies.