Alec Lynch is one of the main protagonists in The Lyosacks and plays the keyboard for The Lyosacks. He is voiced by the creator of the series, Alvaro Calmet. His YouTube channel is TheLyosacks itself.

History Edit

Pre-Lyosacks Edit

Prior to the start of the series, Alec lived in Germany as Alec Schultz. He lived peacefully with his family The Schultz, until one day the family's butler, Ryan Osbourne had lowered the house's defenses and allowed the Morretinis to storm and burn down the houses. Alec escaped, but his father died and was forced to change his last name to Lynch and travel the world to escape the Morretini's wrath. Unknowingly, He was tailed by Ryan Osbourne. He later flee Peru and leaving his girlfriend behind. Later, he is attacked by Ryan and taken in but he was saved by the ship's captain. When he arrived at US, he told the captain to arrest Ryan and continue his journey. He later meet Ksic who call him Lynch and told that the there is a town on the west. He later got a pickup from Pizza Guy unknowingly his brother, soon reach the town.

Beginnings Edit

He walked down the the town streets and heard some music playing at the barber shop. He later join the music and wanted to join the band. Despite the mishaps adventures in the Lyosacks, he still live together with his friends. However in The Truth, he is discovered by the Morrentinis and quickly repelled them with the help of his brother, Andrew Schultz. Soon his family and friends have been killed off except Ray and fugitive to the new world ruled by Don Morrentini and Edd Yequil. He and Ray soon changed time to prevent him from killing their friends. After the incident with Vince, he received a message from his older brother that the bomb was taken and told to run.

Mafia Wars Edit

He soon left the Lyosacks and together with Pizza Guy, rescued their brother Albert. However, they learnt that the Morrentinis are targeting the town Alec had stayed and rushed back. The brothers soon told them their stories between the Schultz and the Morrentinis and later Don Morrentini announced the bomb test of the town.